of my dear brother and sisters here we have brother Kevin Kato of Kampala Uganda who runs a ministry have a orphanage of 45 Children, which some are in bad health. He needs prayer as well as all of the Children. Any one looking to so seeds Let us know. Brother kevin as got a story ( Testimony) he needs help with feeding the children and any help possible. www.facebook/kevinkatto1

 This is brother David Kwabena of Ghana city Acra, hes a student preacher, who wants to come to America , please pray for his vision, also pray for him down in Africa for his Church and ministry he can be reached at www.face.book.com/David.Kwabena.908

    To the right and the bottom we have the

  Evangelist Humaira of the church of Pakistan. talk about a ruff place to be a Christian.

  The Church and community are in desperate need, but Humaira is beinng a mother and sister to many and Loves all her Children.